$5,000 Heads Up Challenge - April 4/5, 2015 - Full House Poker - (541) 513-4321 - 808 Olive St. Eugene, OR

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$5,000 Heads Up Challenge – April 4/5, 2015

Active Promotions

April, July, October and January.  Win a tournament with 10+ entries, only active members are eligible and you choose your own seat.

  • $5,000 Quarterly Event
  • Win A Tournament with 10+ Entries
  • Only Active Members Are Eligible
  • Choose Your Own Seat
  • $2,500 Champion
  • $1,000 Runner Up
  • $600 Third
  • $300 Fourth
  • $200 Fifth / Sixth
  • $100 Seventh / Eighth
  • All participants must be an active Full House Poker member.  All Full House Poker benefits are intended for active members only.
  • Any seats not qualified for or claimed by qualified members may be purchased by an active member or issued at FHP’s discretion.
  • Once claimed, a bracket position may not be changed. Seats may not be sold or transferred by members.
  • The 64th (final) seat will be auctioned off in a live bid auction.  The auction will take place on the last Sunday of the third month. 
  • Each heads up match will have an optional $5 Double Dealer Bonus.  The option must be exercised before playing the first hand.
  • Each match has a scheduled time which is an estimate only.  Every participant should arrive before his/her scheduled match. 
  • Each match begins immediately after the prior scheduled match.  Absent players will blind out the first round and forfeit after it.
  • There may be up to eight alternates. Alternates will replace qualified members who are unable to attend.
  • Players must initial the match verification after winning. Dealers must sign their matches and turn them in to the floor.
  • The championship match is completed if the winner’s representative wins or if the loser’s representative wins two consecutive matches.
  • All House Rules will be enforced, most strictly is the one player per hand rule, and etiquette violations will receive a time penalty.
  • We hope you win, and that you have fun trying.  We want everyone to compete without berating or intimidating.