$15,000 BIG DEAL JACKPOT - Full House Poker





  • One Big Deal Payout Per Day – Simultaneous Qualifying Big Deals Will Split Evenly
  • Improper Play Voids Every Hand – The One Player To A Hand Rule Is Strictly Enforced
  • The Main Pot Must Be A Minimum Of $30 – Before The Big Deal Collection
  • The Official Count Overrules Any Signage – All Records Are Public And Available For Review Every Day
  • At Showdown, All Live Hands Must Be Tabled – A Player May Not Diminish The Value Of His/Her Hand, Soft Play Voids Qualification
  • No Portion Of The Big Deal Pool Is Kept On Site – For Player And Staff Safety And Security
  • All Table Winners Are Paid The Following Business Day – In Certified Funds By Company Check, Which May Be Cashed In Person By A Bank Vault Employee
  • The Qualifying Hand Must Be Aces Full Of Kings Or Better – The BIG Deal Applies Only To Texas Hold ‘Em
  • Both Hole Cards Must Play Exclusively (No Ties) In Both Hands – A Player Must Not Be Able To Use Four Community Cards And The Hand Must Go To Showdown
  • Winners Will Be Required To Deliver Release Forms Without Cost – Photos And Advertisements Including Winners May Be Used By Full House Poker
  • Participants Must Be Seated At The Beginning And End Of The Hand – A Hand Begins With The First Riffle And Ends When The Pot Is Awarded
  • A Participant Must Be An Active Member At The Beginning Of The Hand – Only Active Members Will Qualify For Any Portion Of The BIG Deal, Non-Member Portions Will Be Returned To The BIG Deal Collection
  • The Highest Ranking Losing Hand Is Selected In A Multi-Hand Qualifier – Only One Winning And One Losing Hand (Shared AAAKK May Split) Will Qualify
  • The Payout Structure Is 50% To The Losing Hand, 25% To The Winning Hand, And 25% Table Share – A Table Share Is Determined By All Participants In The Hand, Winners Are Solely Responsible For Any Applicable Taxes
  • The Big Deal Will Be Capped At $15,000 – Qualifying Hands Will Lower By One Ranking Daily Until Paid
  • The Bonu$ Hand$ Will Start At $5 and Increase $5 Daily – The House Hand Will Start At $50, And All Bonu$ Hand$ Will Be Capped At $995
  • Full House Poker Reserves All Rights – Modifications May Be Made At Any Time Without Notice